Do you need to have your child’s tattoo removed?

How Do Kids Get Tattoos?

The legal age for getting a tattoo in the state of Texas is 18 years. The applicable law bars a tattoo artist from completing work on a person under that age. This, of course, does not stop kids under the age of 18 from getting tattoos when they want to do so.Many parents have asked themselves this question once they learn that their minor child has an unexplained tattoo. If this is the situation with your child, you might find him or her less than forthcoming with the details of how they got said tattoo. Below are a few ways your kid could have gotten a tattoo even if they aren’t of legal age for doing so.

  • They lied to the tattoo artist

All legal tattoo artists are aware that a person must be over the age of 18 before he or she can lawfully obtain a tattoo. If your child looks old for his or her age, it is possible that the tattoo artist did not realize that it was a minor that they were dealing with and that your child lied about being over the age of 18.

  • The tattoo artist didn’t ask for proof of age

Most ethical tattoo artists will ask for a picture ID of those individuals who look like they could be minors. Perhaps your kid went to an artist that did not do so.

  • Your child has a fake ID

It is a safe bet to suggest that most parents aren’t aware that their kids have a fake ID, if they do possess one. A tattoo artist that asks for a photo ID would not likely be able to tell if that ID was a fake.

  • They bought a Do It Yourself kit

There are many places that sell Do It Yourself tattoo kits, a quick search on the internet will return several options.

  • A friend or family member gave your child a tattoo

To some, the life of a tattoo artist is highly appealing. Creative and free-spirited, tattoo artists are often popular among their friends. Like many other occupations, getting hands-on experience is both difficult to obtain when one is just starting out and crucial to perfect a technique and style. What better way to practice than on your friends for free or at a sharply reduced rate?

What Kinds of Tattoos Do Kids Get?

The kinds of tattoos that kids get are as varied as the kids themselves. While many people might think that many teenagers get tattoos as an induction into a gang, there are other methods, too. An influential young adult tattoo artist trying to make a name for themselves could offer to tattoo his or her teen siblings and their friends as a way to drum up business. A teen girl dating an older teen could be influenced to tattoo his initials on her body.

Which Kids Are at Risk for Getting a Tattoo?

Kids who are susceptible to peer pressure are at risk for getting a tattoo. Whether it is required in order to enter an exclusive gang or a teen couple agrees to get tattoos as a symbol of their devotion, there is often an underlying feeling of pressure and accompanying approval wrapped up in the experience when a kid gets a tattoo.

The Fresh Start Laser Clinic Approach

At Fresh Start our Austin tattoo removal clinic we believe everyone deserves a second chance. If your child is 17 or younger and came home with an unwanted tattoo, we can remove it with parent or guardian permission. We use the Astanza Trinity laser removal system to not only provide a superior level of service to our clients in a more comfortable environment, but safely target on all skin types problematic colors like bright blues and greens that most other practices simply can’t. Regardless of the type of tattoo you want to remove, we can give you the help you need when you need it the most.

If you would like schedule a free consultation or if you have questions related to tattoo removal, we are here to help.

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