Is laser tattoo removal painful?

If you have scheduled an appointment to remove your tattoo, it is likely that you feel some anxiety about laser tattoo removal pain. It is a common worry for anyone thinking about removing some or all of their ink. It is an honest concern that deserves a truthful answer. Q-switched lasers for laser tattoo removal can cause discomfort. However, knowing what to expect prior to your appointment can help decrease any anxiety you might have about the pain associated with  laser tattoo removal.

Every client is different. Some people can tolerate  pain, while others are very sensitive. The pain is also relative to the area being treated. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. For most people, removing a tattoo on your hand is less painful than  removing a tattoo from your inner thigh.  No matter your sensitivity to pain, there are ways to make the laser tattoo removal process less daunting.

Laser Tattoo Removal Pain Management Options

The clinic you choose should offer several different options to help manage the discomfort of laser tattoo removal. While there may not be a way to make the procedure completely pain-free, there are certainly ways to reduce your discomfort.

The Zimmer Cryo blows very cold air on the area to be treated. The cold air numbs the area reducing the chances that you will feel a high level of discomfort. This option can make a big difference for clients when it comes to pain management. That is especially true for people who may be very sensitive to pain, or for tattoos on areas of the body that are typically more painful or delicate. The cold air is harmless to the skin, but the effect on pain reduction can be significant.

Ice packs applied before and after the treatment reduce discomfort by cooling the skin. Ice packs when used together with the Zimmer Cryo can be a very effective way to manage the pain of the tattoo removal procedure.

Numbing Cream is a Lidocaine based topical cream that is rubbed into the skin. The cream is placed on the skin 15 to 30 minutes before the procedure begins. Numbing Cream is a good option for clients who have sensitive areas to be treated. Some people can have a reaction to numbing gels. To reduce the risk of complications discuss any allergies you might have with your laser technician prior to treatment.

Things you can do to help minimize Laser Tattoo Removal Pain.

There are also things you can do prior to your appointment to reduce any discomfort you might feel during the laser tattoo removal procedure. Drink plenty of water. When you are hydrated your skin can handle things better. Make sure you drink water several hours before your procedure. Some people even drink up to a gallon, around six hours before their laser treatment.

Second, stay away from caffeine. Avoiding coffee, tea, chocolate, and other things that have caffeine can make your laser tattoo removal experience a more comfortable one. Consuming caffeine has been shown to make people more sensitive to pain. If you normally have coffee or energy drinks to get going in the morning, try to skip them or consume less than you normally would.

Third, the pace the technician is using and the overall length of the treatment can really matter. If you need something changed or you need to take a break for a minute, don’t be afraid to speak up. It is very important that you let the clinic know if you are reaching a level of discomfort you find too high, or you need to stop for a few minutes because it hurts.

Finally, if you’re a woman you want to avoid having your tattoo removal session scheduled when you’re menstruating. During that time in your cycle, your body can be less tolerant, and more sensitive to pain. With that being the case, you may have more difficulty getting through a procedure that would not bother you nearly as much during another time of the month. If you find that your scheduled appointment coincides with your cycle, you may want to call and reschedule so you can reduce your chances of experiencing a higher level of discomfort while having your tattoo removed.

Laser Tattoo Removal does not have to be painful.

Overall, the goal of the clinic you choose should be to make laser tattoo removal pain free. While that may not be realistic for every client, the clinic should be able to answer all your questions and offer options for pain management that work for you. Understanding your options prior to your appointment will increase the likelihood you will be comfortable during the procedure. Discomfort can be managed much more easily than actual pain.

While it is not realistic to say there won’t be any discomfort, any clinic that cares about its clients will work to reduce discomfort and make the procedure as easy as possible. Discuss your concerns with the clinic before you before you arrive. Make sure you are comfortable with the pain management plan they have for removing your tattoo. While changes can be made after a procedure starts, it is better to have a solid plan from the beginning

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